For any prospective clients, I would definitely recommend you as a very strong and confident lawyer. What I do know from my personal experience is that you gained my trust, had confidence and guided me when I was not ever expecting to pursue litigation over a personal injury. There were many times that I was prepared to walk away and accept the limitations my injury was causing me and the impact to my family – you calmly helped me persists. And it was the right thing to do. 

You helped me to fight for myself which was something I had never done before.

I am now working with a new pain doctor – while he can’t reverse the injury, he does work with chronic pain treatment which lets me feel more proactive – I would have never found this specialist had it not been for your work with me. Thank you again.


In 2007, I was hit by another car in what initially appeared to be a minor accident. Unfortunately, my injuries turned out to be anything but minor. My life has changed permanently.

The insurance adjustor had been very helpful in getting my car fixed and getting a few treatments for my injuries organized, but then I started feeling pressured to settle. I was not comfortable. I knew that I needed help, and then turned to Ryan.

Ryan brought things to my attention about my injuries and the settlement that I would not have realized otherwise. His experience with similar cases was a huge help.

He did not make any promises he couldn’t keep and made sure that I was comfortable through the whole process. I was satisfied with the final result, and feel that Ryan helped me get a fair settlement to help with my future treatment.

I am very grateful for your guidance through this process.


Hi Ryan,

I would just like to take a moment and thank you so much for the manner in dealing with my ICBC Claim. I was extremely pleased with the fact that you always kept in touch and helped me one step at a time.

I appreciated that you took the time to listen and assess the situation and explain in terms that were easily understood.

This claim could have gone on for a very long time but it didn’t and I was thankful for that.

If an incident like this arises again, I would for sure hive you a call and I will recommend you to people I know.

Thank you, Ryan, for helping me achieve a just and fair result with my claim.

Have a great day,